NHS Testimonials

NHS Testimonials

Dr M Mahalingam

GP at the Branston and Heighington Family Practice.

“Sean Barkes from The Sean Barkes Clinic gave a short presentation to our surgery about the treatments that they offer.  We were most interested in acupuncture for chronic pain and I have referred a few patients to him.  The last patient I referred had chronic muscular back ache which has improved by acupuncture and also “cupping” treatment.  They also treat fibromyalgia and headaches.  It is very useful to have a reliable alternative therapist to refer to, when patients do not respond to our usual treatments.  They can also do house visits if the patient is house bound.  I would definitely recommend referral for appropriate patients.”

Dr MZ Qureshi

GP at South Park and The Heath Surgeries.

“Sean Barkes from The Sean Barkes Clinic has been to our surgery to speak about Chinese medicine and acupuncture. All our clinical and reception staff were present and thoroughly enjoyed the session. We learnt how Chinese medicine can treat conditions in primary care and how patients could potentially benefit. Our practice now recommends treatments such as acupuncture for patients with a range of conditions such as headaches, back pain and fibromyalgia. We also refer patients to the Clinic to see Sean and his team for assessment and treatment. It is often really beneficial to have a fresh approach to the patient’s problem and I have seen how Chinese medicine can really have a positive effect on the patient’s day-to-day life.”

Jackie Chambers

Supt. Sonographer Lincoln County Hospital

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in our staff training sessions for the Radiology departments of Lincoln, Louth, Gainsborough and Grantham.  Your lecture and practical session were both interesting and useful in giving us the background into the Chinese medical philosophies and how they are still relevant in the modern world. As NHS professionals, the use of alternative therapies is something that we are not always aware of.  Being able to take part in the exercise routines gave the staff the opportunity to find out how these can be easily incorporated into their daily routine and help in reducing the number of injuries that are caused by our working practices and home life.  The response was positive. Once again thank you for your participation.”