Cold weather affecting joints

Remember when your mother, or grandmother if you are that young, warned you to keep your back covered so as not to let the cold or the wind get to it? Well, it’s not just us in the UK who got all worked up about that. The Chinese have a long tradition of the same belief. The weather can invade our bodies and cause unpleasant symptoms.

With the weather like it is at the moment in the UK, acupuncture clinics like our own generally see an influx of new patients sufferring from a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Acute lumbar pain, aggravation of arthritis symptoms, frozen shoulder, stiff and painful neck and shoulders etc., they all start coming out of the woodwork in their droves.

When problems like this are caused by Cold invading the joints, our main line of attack as acupuncturists is the use of moxibustion. Moxibustion is the use of a herb, often in the form a cigar-like stick, that is burned like incense close to the area of the body that has been invaded by the cold. The sensation is extremely comforting and can often bring about immediate benefit.

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  1. This incisive comment makes complete sense to me. I have been suffering with backache for several weeks but it is always most acute after standing in the cold watching my son play football. My instinct has been to wear extra layers across my lower back, even heated bags of herbs and to walk around the pitch before the sensation of ‘locking up’ creeps across my lower back. My doctor merely advised me to take ibruprofen and to exercise. As I don’t live near Lincoln how can I find ‘moxibustion’. Is it readily available in health food shops or do I need to visit an acupuncturist?

    Hi Sean – how are you? Thanks for your ‘LinkedIn’ invitation- am enjoying exploring your website. Lots of love to everyone. x

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